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What's the easiest way to get a job done? Hire a local

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Published 21 Dec 2018

[cont'd] finalise the details of the job if you are the successful applicant. 

This excellent employment app could well signal the beginning of a new age for employment. We are all very busy with work and kids these days and, rather than calling a costly tradesman to complete a job, you can hire a willing and competent worker for a fraction of the price. What's more, rather than having to join a queue to get a job done, you might have a better chance of immediate action with a freelancer. Let's not forget the amount of retired but willing and able electricians, plumbers and builders who have been made redundant since the GFC hit back in 2008-9. Wage is a great way to keep them in employment. For the out of work tradesman, it could be a godsend. They just have to check out the 'gigs' in their area on their mobile and apply for any ones they can do. Wage is available now for free for Android, iPhone and iPad at the relevant app store.