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WakeupQ provides a custom wake up call service that notifies your friend if you don’t wake ... More

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Published 15 Dec 2011

I can only see a couple of slight issues with this one, ingenious though it is and we’ll come to them a little later. Getting out of bed can be a tough call for a lot of people and it doesn’t matter what method you use, alarm clocks of all shapes and sizes can just be switched straight off when the annoying noise gets too much. This one takes the method of getting a reliable friend to pop round and throw a brick through your bedroom window to new heights. It’s nothing as destructive of course but it does bring me to my first issue and that is that you’ll need a friend who is going to be up themselves when you need them.

How does it work? It’s quite simple really. Sign up and for $15 a month you can get a daily wake-up call with a twist. Based on the fact that it’s those first few minutes that are likely to have you drifting back into the arms of Morpheus the call will give you a set of tasks to do and confirm. If you fail to complete them then your nominated friend receives a text message and if you’re lucky no doubt calls you incessantly until you actually get up. Either that or a brick comes sailing through your window.

When setting up your account you can set the tasks and the time lapse between hearing them and confirming them. For instance the first task...