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Alarm call with a difference...

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Published 15 Dec 2011

[cont'd] might be to get out of bed and switch on the lights within a minute and then press a number to confirm. You can set three tasks which hopefully end up with you in the kitchen drinking coffee and ready for the day ahead.

This brings me to my second issue. Unless the system can somehow track that you actually do the tasks set then I can’t see what’s to stop you just lying in your pit and pressing the requested numbers. OK so you might annoy a friend or get a brick in the face but for some people, for a few more minutes in bed, it might be worth it!


This is a novel way of helping you get up in the mornings and I think the fact that it’s costing $15 a month might be another incentive to try and make it work. It’s also worth bearing in mind that if you have to get up ridiculously early one morning it might be a good idea to check with your friend or you may not stay friends much longer.