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Published 9 Jun 2012

How many times have you tripped up or bumped into someone or something while walking and typing a message or SMS? Come on, admit it, you've done it plenty of times - right? Walk Type Share is a unique messaging application for your iDevices that lets you type your message while still being able to see where you are going with the aid of your inbuilt camera. The live camera and transparent keyboard mean you will never again embarrass yourself by bumping into that grouchy bloke when texting in your lunch break.
WalkTypeShare is a messaging app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which works via a transparent keyboard screen & live camera background to help you avoid those embarrassing mishaps while walking and messaging. Through this application one can easily write, send and share SMS  along with group messaging and also share any interesting photos through email and Facebook whilst wandering through the crowds. You can view your path on the screen while you are using your phone for texting or typing. Plus...get the latest Facebook feeds & Twitter tweets and re-tweet them if you wish. There are three custom keyboard designs and even a flashlight option to see the background in darkness while using the application. Use capture picture instantly while you are typing a message any time and upload them to Facebook or send email or save in your library. But one of the most important aspects of Walk Type Share is the fast loading time of the camera and zero battery drainage when you are not using the app.
While many people out there consider texting while walking a criminal offense, the pure fact is, I'm sure most of us see it every day. Walk Type Share is a free social media monitoring and SMS messaging application for those poor addicted souls that have to text on the run. I saw one poor unfortunate girl the other day that tripped and went sprawling while engrossed in the screen in front of her and then looked down to berate the offending pavement slab. If she had been using this unique app she would have been able to see the offending slab rise up from the pavement and leap up at her and avoided it. Just don't use it in the car.

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