Developer description

- Track steps with this fun pedometer
- Unlock story with your steps
- Step into the heroes shoes, and experience the adventure
- Choose different quests from our exclusive library
- Adjust walking goals to suit you
- Discover over 100 Achievements

Walking Quest is a pedometer where every step brings you closer to unlocking your story.

Choose your Adventure from a unique library:
- Voyage to desert islands and race pirates to where 'X marks the spot' in Walk to Treasure Island
- Rob from the rich and give to the poor to become England's most famous outlaw; "Robin Hood", in Walk to Sherwood Forest
- Travel The Yellow Brick Road and battle The Wicked Witch of the West in Walk to Oz
- Attend Miss Minchin's boarding school, and experience the trials and tribulations of the Victorian era in Walk to Victorian London
- And more; pick the best quest for you!

Set your own goals and challenges whether you walk 10 or 10,000 steps a day. From Read On The Go Mode, where every step earns a word, to Epic Distance Walks that let you test your mettle against distances from famous fantasy maps – there's a perfect walk for everyone!

Get moving and motivate yourself like never before with over 100 fun achievements to find and collect.

Start your adventure today - it’s as simple as walking.

Last updated 3 Jan 2020

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