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Make sure you enjoy these awesome HD Wallpapers on your beautiful retina screen. With thousands ... More

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Published 20 Oct 2013

You would think that there would be enough wallpaper applications out there to fill the Titanic but, after having a look through the images compiled by Wallpaper.HD, there is always room for one more. We are constantly looking for suitable and attractive images to beautify our online presence -whether it be for our social network page, our home computer screen or our business design - and this design app for iOS certainly delivers it in spades. Wallpaper.HD delivers thousands of totally free high definition images in numerous categories that you can download and share with your family and friends via email or your social network. If you really like it, there's even a paid PRO version where you can personalize your wallpaper with filters and frames.
Wallpaper.HD gives you literally thousands of stunning high definition photos and images that you are sure to sure enjoy on your beautiful retina screen. If you are searching for the perfect picture to amaze your friends and family, then HD wallpapers delivers them to your fingertips in an instant on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device. Search through thousands of individual images or choose a category to explore that suits your personal needs. Start at 'A for animals' and work your way through a veritable alphabet of choices that include celebrities, food and cars. Save your favorites and download as many as you like - they are all free. Images can then be shared via Twitter and Facebook or simply emailed to your friends. While the free version gives you images galore there is a paid version that is well worth investigating too. The paid PRO version of Wallpaper.HD offers a unique built-in edit feature that allows you to customize your favorite wallpaper using special filters and frames to make them just that little bit more personal.
Yep, there are a squillion wallpaper apps out on the market but this one is one of the more interesting free ones that we've seen here at the FeedMyApp offices. Not only does this simple to use photo wallpaper app deliver a plethora of eye-catching and simply stunning images for you to download and enjoy, it also offers an option to purchase an Instagram-like set of photo filters and frames that will make your high definition images look ever more spectacular and personal. You can even draw on them, if you like. Wallpaper.HD is a lot of fun, its easy to use and looks great on any of your iDevices but it's on the retina-friendly iPad where it really excels. It's a superior source for unlimited wallpaper and photo image downloads that look simply amazing.

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