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Developer description

Some of latest websites recently admitted in the social networking world is wallpost. Its provenance has given a new alternative to the internet users in the world of online media. It has emerged as combination of photo sharing and social networking site. Many might wonder "So, what's new in this?"

There are many answers for this question. People might have seen photo sharing earlier, but an added statistics to it is the new option. The most common issue in the current online social communities is security of photos and albums. With photo statistics option in this site, people can effortlessly track users' identity, who visited their profile and albums.

"Social ads" in here is one more feature that makes it distinct from other networks. This application endows its users with free promotion of their services or business. Also, users can have the statistics for this application and can track their promotions. Online communities these days have millions of footprints and few people might have a creative eye. This website is a fortune of opportunities for people, who want to show their creative front in writing.

It comes with an option - Articles. This section is especially developed for blooming writers to give them a flying start to their career graph. When coming to other applications, This Website is not behind the current social networking sites. Through this people can share their videos and photos. Users can upload the childhood pictures of their kids and share it with them; see how they feel about it. And if people tire themselves watching each picture, they can just switch to slide-show, sit back and relax.

People don't even have to look beyond from this website for a chat because it provides audio and video chatting. Users can forget the distances, and can catch up with their friends and family live on video chat. How better can it get? Often, in the hectic schedules of present-day lives, people tend to forget even the birthdays of their closed ones. It comes in right then and keeps reminding the upcoming birthdays from fortnight before. So, people are now free from the angry comments of their close pals, as they can wish them right on time.

Our elders might be considering a college re-union, but getting hold of everyone is a herculean task. They can just log into here and start online networking. They might end up meeting most of their friends. Isn't a million dollar experience?
Social networking sites if used properly are a great source of entertainment and communication. As responsible people it is our prerogative to keep these sites absolutely clean and free from any unethical activities. So, let us come together with this website and stay connected with social networking.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015