Developer description

Waltio is committed to make crypto-assets management transparent and painless.

Waltio has automated synchronization by API to the top 12 crypto-currencies exchanges and top 3 cold-storage wallets. It provides a crypto-portfolio tracking and dashboarding solution. 250 coins are listed on the web app.

Thanks to our partnership with Coingecko (coin aggregator) we are able to calculate net asset value/gain and loss. Waltio tracks key KPIs such as Net invested amount, portfolio value and profit and loss value. Our algorithm has verified by our partner MR Capital (chartered accountant officer).

The dashboarding solution includes regular reporting, tax reporting and advanced analytics tools. Advances analytics tools include security check table and a dashboard showing the hidden fees from exchanges and portfolio map. It helps to take the most appropriated investment decisions.

Waltio also makes accounting easier for crypto firms by computing fees and

Waltio tracks trading products (such as roll over and margin trading), lending products and various crypto-incomes flow (mining, stacking, forks...)

It makes easier all the lawers, crypto investors, crypto-investment funds and crypto-traders.

For business interested in co-branding or a white label solution, Waltio offers a pro version of our API as a financial service provider.

Last updated 4 Jan 2019

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