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A free real time strategy / tower defence game to play to keep you occupied during lockdown

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As the commander of the holy army, expand and upgrade your army of light and march against the ... More

Editor's review

Published 23 Apr 2020

If you still haven’t worked out what do with your life now that there are no new episodes of Game Of Thrones to watch on tv it might be time to throw your energy into a good old war game on your smartphone. While you wont see too many Mothers of Dragons or height challenged heroes like Tyrion Lannister here, we think we have found a game that will keep you occupied while you sit around in isolation twiddling your fingers and looking for inspiration.

War of Kingdoms: Prelude is a good looking real-time strategy / tower defence game for Android where you can wage war on the Dark King and his fortresses and obliterate them from the face of the earth. if you’re good enough, that is. In this game, you get to play the commander of the Holy Army and your aim is to rid the world of the tyrant king and his evil empire. As the commander you have at your disposal what’s known as an army of light. Your fighters can fight as well as any army but, if you are good enough, you’ll be able to add extra warriors to help you overcome the opposition. But that’s not all. You can also  upgrade them with more powerful weapons to overrun the Dark King’s defences and defeat him and his army of soldiers.

There are five levels to fight your way through with excellent tutorials showing you the best way to play and achieve success. The high definition graphics are colorful and navigation is smooth and it wont take you long to get involved.

War of Kingdoms is one of those games that is pretty simple to play but not quite as easy to master so you’ll have to pull out all your gaming skills to succeed. It isn’t turn based and there’s a fair amount ot strategy involved once you get the hang of it.. It’s just you against the Dark King’s hoardes so its perfect for those days of self isolation that we are all under right now. You can pick it up whenever you like and start playing straight away so it doesn’t matter whether it’s a boring night at home or a quick bus ride to the shops or to work (if you’re still lucky enough to be working, that is.) We found it wonderfully addictive to play.

You’re going to need an Android operating system that runs at a minimum level of API 22 - or 5.1 (Lollipop) in simple terms - to run War of Kingdoms: Prelude. While its only available on Android at the moment there will be an iOS version coming soon. Its available right now for free in the Google Play store.

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