Developer description

How the 'Warmly Greetings' works is really simple:

1. Search the occasion name you desire the greeting card.
2. Select the greeting card of your choice from the vast pool of cards.
3. Custom your name/message on the card using the desired fonts, size & colors.
4. Share the greeting card with your network of people via facebook, whatsapp or other chats.

Features include:

• Vast pool of any and every occasion fresh new greeting cards.
• User-input keyword based search for greeting cards.
• Personalizing of greeting card with names and messages.
• Various fonts, sizes & colors to choose for the writing of texts.
• Quick & easy preview, save and share options with phone contacts.
• Compatible with all sharing mediums, chats & messengers.

What all occasions? To name a few:

Birthdays, Christmas, Congratulations, Friendship, Goodbye, I love you, I am sorry, Sympathy, Thinking of You, Good morning, Goodnight, Farewell, Happy New Year, Eid, Happy Diwali, Happy Holi, Happy Dussehra, Happy Easter, Good Friday, Happy Independence, Happy Republic, Happy Valentine …and the never ending list of your greeting cards, quotations, messages & SMSs.

Last updated 27 Dec 2015

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