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Was It Viewed is a web app that shortens urls while sticking a tracker on them. Whenever the ... More

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Published 5 Aug 2012

One of the great drawbacks to email is that you never really know whether the message you have sent has actually been read by the recipient and you won't know that for sure until you get a reply. I would think that if they could have their time again, the email developers would have added that feature when they designed it. It could be your resume you are sending for a job or you could be applying for a college position so you will probably be biting your nails waiting for an answer. Let's hope your email hasn't gone to the wrong department or been missed in the logjam. Was It Viewed is an email tracking application that lets you know as soon as your email has been opened and if they clicked on the link that you may have supplied.
Was It Viewed is a free web application that shortens URL's while sticking a tracker on them to quickly generate trackable links so that whenever the link is opened you are notified by email. This means that if you sent someone an email with a link you will know if your email was read and if they clicked on it. As you can imagine, this is a very worthwhile thing on several levels. Maybe you want to know if the reviewer you sent your product to for evaluation has received your email and checked out your own web app. Or you want to check ...