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Published 24 Apr 2013

[cont'd] and lets you browse each actor’s IMDB profile directly from within the app. Recommend and share your favorite movies with your friends and family via email or messaging or post your ratings on Twitter or Facebook. If your friends have Watched installed too, they will be able to add the movie directly to their collection. Every single movie comes with a variety of posters and beautiful backdrop images, including special editions and multiple languages. Simply tap on a cover or backdrop, select your favorite image and you're ready to go.
Watched is a classy looking movie application for iOS that seems to deliver even more than it seems like it is going to. What appears to be a simple app for the movie fan to 'tick off' their list of films seen and films that need to be seen actually turns into a fair bit more with all the information you would need in a film site at your fingertips. But then it gives a bit more with different posters, special edition versions and a place to review and rate the film yourself and share your thoughts on social media. Watched is easy to use, convenient for the avid movie fan and it looks great on your iPhone.