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Published 3 Dec 2011

Every single DVD retailer these days seems to have it's own pricing policy on individual titles. Some will use individual titles as a loss leader while some will buy large amounts of stock on a good selling title when it hits the right price. Yet quite often, if you just do a straight order on a specific title it will come back to you at the full list price. It makes far more sense to see who is selling it the cheapest at any given time without having to do all the leg work. Watchily compares the price and availability on the film you want with all the major retailers so you can choose the best deal.

Watchily is a free comparison shopping tool for movies and tv shows that allows users to search for movies and TV shows on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Hulu, Redbox, HBO Go, Showtime Anytime, Cinemax Go and more in one click. While its easy to just go to the individual sites to compare price and availability Watchily lets you stop wasting your time searching and get the film you want faster and at the cheapest price available. Here's how it works. 

Let's say you want to watch a movie that you've just heard about. Let's say it's Cameron Crowe's much underrated Elizabethtown. You check Netflix, but you can't find it. You go to iTunes, but the $14.99 price is way too high. Your local Redbox kiosk may have it in stock but you're not sure. What about Amazon? Well they have it with free shipping this week. Hulu? Then you ask yourself why you have to go to so many different websites to find my it?

That's where watchily comes in. Watchily does all the searching for you, in one click. Even better watchily is free and always will be. So what are you waiting for? Stop wasting time searching and start watching.

Well you could go down to the local mall and search the racks for Elizabethtown but imagine how long it might take. You might well find it in a bargain bin for a fiver if you are lucky but you need to have plenty of time on your hands to do that. So it generally comes down to an Internet search. You could plough through all the individual DVD sites but if you can have everything presented to you on a plate then why wouldn't you? Watchily is a very efficient free movie and search tool that will save you time and money in your search for the perfect movie.

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