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You are being watched. All the time. NSA, KGB, BND, black vans, fake social network accounts, thousands of “security” cameras, who was that guy on the phone yesterday? They all have an eye on you. Your task? To spot them all. Spot the eye that’s watching you. There’s the one hiding himself between hundreds and thousands in the shade. You have to be fast. Time is limited....
Glad to tell: You are the one. You are the spotter. Welcome to the training center.

Per aspera ad astra. Your path to the Spotter Master will be rocky. But it’s worth the swat. Make the world a better place.

Watching You - Eye Spotter - Time puzzle reinvented. The game is a flat designed time puzzle. It’s a spot game about eyes, an eye puzzle to detect the watcher. Spot the eyes that are watching you. In four different levels you train your recognition and reaction abilities. It is a fight against time: you have 30 seconds to spot as many watchers as you can. If your fast enough you are rewarded. With extra time to find the watcher. So use your chance.

You share your high score on Google Play Games with other spotters: Compete with your friends or the whole protector community to become the overall Spotter Master!

A free PROMO CODE for the Master Level is offered on
But you have to be fast: Time is limited.

Last updated 28 Sep 2015

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