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A new type of dating site where you can make video calls to find love anywhere in the world

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WatchME! is a new and fun way to meet people all over the world.

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Published 2 May 2019

Dating sites...there's a million of them. Most of them seem to follow similar lines with the odd variation thrown in for good luck. Unfortunately, it's never easy to review dating sites because you tend to have to live with them for a little while before you really get to know them. However, here's one that does offer something a wee bit different. WatchME! Is a  live entertainment social network for adults over 18 (or 21 in certain territories) and under 35 that offers Android users somewhere to chat, date and even have video conversations to cement their friendship and hopefully find the love of their life. 

As I said earlier, this dating app does offer something a little different from most of the others. When you sign up for WatchME! you don't just get a place to potentially find love - there's also a fair bit of entertainment on offer too. You can meet people from all over the world and make video calla and send gifts to people from anywhere from Azerbaijan to Zanzibar (does Zanzibar still exist anymore?) Customize your WatchME! settings and you can narrow your search down to specific countries, genders and age groups to help you find the perfect match. You can even choose whether you want to be visible or invisible to others. 

WatchME! splits people into two categories. First up there are the Casters. A Caster is male or female user that has a...