Developer description

We at wattl are excited to announce the launch of a brand new way to find videos to watch.

On Wattl are zoomable video walls, where popular content stays, the rest deletes - so you only see popular and trending content.

You can upload videos on the massive public wall for all to see, or on private walls shared only with groups of friends.

The technology powering wattl has taken a number of years to develop, and we have a worldwide patent application.

This exciting new tech has the power to disrupt the way that video is discovered.

‘Pulsing' the content you like most by spinning the pulse button. Content with more pulses will stay on the wall longer.

Upload videos and images wherever you want on the grid.

Explore the video wall by zooming, allowing you to see many videos at once to quickly discover new content.

You can also search by entering text, which uses machine learning algorithms to highlight areas of the wall that are relevant to the search term.

On Wattl is a massive public grid that everyone can see, as well as allowing you to create your own private walls which you can share with your friends.

The public wall contains thousands of cells, each containing a video or photo. We use an algorithm to fade cells that are no longer popular. When a cell is faded, it disappears from the wall leaving an empty space - ready for something new.

You can comment on other peoples cells, and be notified when people comment on yours. Each user has a feed page that shows activity such as comments on your cells.

Every user has a profile page showing stats and things like bio, uploaded cells and pulsed cells.

Last updated 11 Mar 2018

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