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Wave is a free online accounting app for small businesses. Full accounting, invoicing, expense ... More

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Published 15 Sep 2011

If your small business is no longer small enough to cope with the scraps of paper you just chuck in the in-tray and forget about then waveaccounting.com could be just the place for you. Your accountant will smile again too and not dive for cover as you present him with a sack full of receipts, invoices and bank statements.

Waveaccounting.com is a free on-line accounting package that does more than just help with invoices and payments. It’s a proper double-entry bookkeeping system that is easy to use and will give even the smallest of businesses a set of professional looking accounts and management reports.

Any small business experiencing growth will probably at some time need some additional funding and being able to show lenders that your books are in order and provide meaningful information is vital. This app will ensure you comply.

Account set-up is easy and data entry simple and straightforward. Manual entry can actually be cut to the bear minimum as well by linking the system to your bank and credit card accounts. By entering the user names and passwords of your accounts the system can download all bank transactions which you then just drag and drop into the relevant categories.

If you think that this is a good example of keeping all of your financial information in one place then it gets better. You can do the same thing with your personal finances and have the two running parallel on the same system. Just click...