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Developer description

Wave Alarm Wave Alarm is a fresh, new and very easy to use application, nothing like the ordinary alarm clock. It features motion control technology, which makes your morning awaking a much more pleasant experience. A simple wave and Wave Alarm will silence your alarm tune. Wave Alarm isn't only a smart alarm clock, but also an interval counter. This incredible app will ease your body workshop and make it much more efficient. A simple wave with your hand, leg, or any other part of your and the counter will start over again. The application allows you to control the camera sensitivity and increases its detection . In addition it's totally free, without ads and has no limitations!
How it works: No more touching your device's screen, just wave over the device with any part of your body and the alarm will stop or the interval counter will start again.
Wave Alarm features:
Alarm Clock: • Friendly interface • Choose your favorite music tune • Set to repeat on specific days of the week • Vibrate ON/OFF • An option to enable / disable the alarm Intervals: • Allows you to set your own sounds • Easy time set • Graphic interface which shows your progress
*More features coming soon

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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