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Published 21 Mar 2014

So, you've decided that you have a bit of musical talent as an electronic music DJ and want to take it one step further, eh? Well, unfortunately the music business has changed a fair bit over the last few years and there are literally thousands of people out there who have exactly the same ambitions as you. You are going to need more than pure talent and luck to take you to the next level. And that's where this excellent and informative music marketing app comes in very handy. We Spin is a music marketing and business education platform for musicians, electronic music producers, DJs and record labels that gives you a complete overview on how the electronic music scene works and how best to succeed in it.
According to last year’s Ibiza International Summit Report, electronic dance music is the fastest growing music genre in the US. With its increasing popularity and the wide availability of tools for music production, new electronic artists are emerging on a daily basis. But, while there is no shortage of online training, tutorials and music schools encouraging you to become the next Skrillex or David Guetta there's precious little out there that explains how to market your music or how the electronic music business works. The We Spin project provides detailed video instructions and lessons - designed by some of the top and most experienced music industry specialists - detailing branding, social networks, growing a fanbase, getting gigs, label deals and press coverage, earning money through licensing and premium digital products and all the other crucial topics you need to give you the best chance of success. However, apart from imparting the knowledge to build a music career, We Spin is also a networking community where members can report on their progress, make useful connections and get answers to their music marketing and business questions. Everyone who joins the community is also signed to its digital label and receives access to a members-only promo pool as well as special discounts from partners.
You may think you know how to make it in the music business but the electronic music business is as different from its guitar-based equivalent as chalk and cheese. You probably think you know the best route to stardom (or even a decent living) but We Spin will open up a whole new world of tips and strategies on how to sell and market yourself. The app was developed by industry veteran Andrew Apanov - editor-in-chief of Ultimate-Guitar.com as well as being a live events promoter, band manager, radio host, drum & bass DJ, consultant, blogger and speaker - and his knowledge aims to give the budding electro DJ all the tools they need to have the best chance of becoming the next Fatboy Slim or Armin Van Buuren. As someone said, "Being an electronic music producer or a DJ without marketing skills   is like running a club without a sound system. No one will hear you." We Spin is a 'first of its kind' app designed by professionals especially for electronic musicians and DJ's that delivers expert knowledge to go alongside the talent and luck that you will need to have a chance to reach for the stars.

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