Developer description

I have tried a new expense tracking app "Wealthy" for couple days and I would like to share with you guys today.

Wealthy is one of the best and easiest expense tracking app I have ever used. It has a clean and simple interface. Using it is ridiculously easy. Everything in Wealthy looks beautiful and it makes me feel less pressure when I need to track my expense. Let's take a look at the unique selling points Wealthy has:

1. The first expense tracking app using Timeline:
Timeline is so intuitive and easy to use. Most people are familiar with it because Facebook and Line use it as well. Just scroll vertically to browse all your data and get rid of calendar pickers. Get rid of calendar picker on small mobile screen!

2. The first expense tracking app displaying photos in a beautiful way:
Photos make your expenses look beautiful! Showcase what you eat and your achievement from shopping to your friend in a beautiful way! Besides that, photos will remind you what happened in the past, just like your personal journal.

3. The first expense tracking app allowing users to Share to Facebook directly:
Many people love checking status on Facebook when they are in a restaurant or visiting some beautiful place. You can check on Facebook and finish tracking your expense at the same time. It does save your time.

4. The first expense tracking app featuring powerful search:
Set up search criteria and Wealthy will list what you want on Timeline in an instant. It's very convenient when you wanna make sure your credit card bill is correct -- just set "payment: Credit Card" as search criteria and Wealthy will do the rest for you.

5. High UX standard. Every button on UI is a must-have:
Wealthy removes unnecessary buttons to keep UI simple and clean. Most other expense tracking apps have complicated UI flow and a lot of buttons. Wealthy only has 3 pages -- Timeline, Financial Report, and Settings. It gives less pressure to you and easier to use.

6. You can decide how Wealthy will look like.
You can input all the data for every expense, such as price, name, payment, and location to make it look really good. You can customize categories, names, payments and set up repeated expenses to fulfill your needs. Also, if you're lazy, just like me, just input price and complete adding an expense in 3 seconds. It's all your freedom to make your own Wealthy.

7. Your data is precious and private. No more worries:
Wealthy provides comprehensive functions to protect your data:
-- Backup to Dropbox
-- Passcode to protect privacy
-- Export to CSV

Personally, I think Wealthy is a fun, beautiful and powerful app for tracking your daily expenses. Go get it and have fun with it!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015