Developer description

Weather Farmer is a simple and non-obtrusive idle game that uses your real weather to power itself. Lock in your location and watch as the game responds to day and night cycles, moon phases, rain, fog and other phenomena — Pop-Open the weather panel to check the weekly forecast, just like any other weather app.

The goal is simple, get as much energy as possible, and then use that energy to expand your operation. As you do, your planet will start to green-up. Vegetation like trees, grass, and mushrooms will begin to sprout as you progress with your efforts!

Your journey starts by tapping for energy. Once you accumulate enough tapping potential, you can buy weather cubes which are modelled after renewable energy sources. Choose from solar, wind, biofuels, hydroelectric and geothermal cubes. As your forecast updates, so does the energy output of your cubes. Deploy different ones for maximum efficiency!

As you progress, more upgrades become available to you. From simple energy efficient light bulbs to Bio-recyclers and chaos normalizers, things escalate pretty quickly.

Don't worry; you're not on this crazy journey alone. Your "trusty" artificial intelligence companions are there to help you along the way. From idle chatter to random events, these bots will try their best to boost your energy producing efforts.

Random deliveries and tasks help keep the pace, and each one comes with its own rewards and surprises.

Weather Farmer is a relaxing, fun but unique idle experience. When has checking the weather ever been this fun?

Last updated 22 Mar 2019

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