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Collaborate with Clients, Leads, and Employees. Track Expenses, Projects, and Time.

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Web Suite Pro allows organizations worldwide to easily collaborate with Clients, Leads, and ... More

Editor's review

Published 15 Sep 2011

Perhaps the name of this app should have the prefix “huge” attached to it as that’s what immediately springs to mind at first glance. A vast number of functions covering almost everything you’ll ever need to run your business from anywhere in the world although I couldn’t find anywhere where it said it makes the coffee.

The app has a range of prices from the starter pack at $19.95 a month to the top of the range Enterprise one at $99.95 a month. The most popular choice, according to the site itself, is the Basic model at $49.95 a month. Typically for 10 staff businesses it gives 2GB of storage and allows unlimited contacts and invoices and up to 500 users. The term user refers to anyone you allow log-in access to including customers. Remember, this is a collaborative suite of applications.

You get a lot of ability for your money but that could exclude some businesses from considering it. Whilst it’s accessible via any laptop, iPhone, Blackberry, Android or tablet, not too many business owners will feel the need to check their inventory levels from a Caribbean beach.

But some will of course and websuitepro.com will be able to provide them with that plus plenty of other stuff to distract them from their Pina Colada.

All of the usual business requirements are covered like contact details, quotes and invoices, time and expense tracking and task management via a shared calendar. An integrated email function lets you save all emails relevant to a particular project or deal cutting out the need to scan a bulging inbox and the Sales Automation function lets you see what the team are up to.

For the guy on the beach concerned about inventory levels, websuitepro.com can do more than help. Not only will it show current levels but it can warn when the shelves are getting a bit bare and automatically re-order.

There is a lot of good stuff you can do with websuitepro and far too much to review in any great detail. Anyone considering it however should weigh up the costs with the likelihood of actually using all of the features. There are plenty of sites out there with a trimmed down list of functions that might be a better fit.

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