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Published 4 Aug 2012

So what is Digital Asset Management (DAM) you may well ask. In simple terms it's best described as a way to centralize, track, manage, locate and share all your digital media including photos, graphics, videos, presentations and documents etc.  WebDAM is one of the leading DAM cloud-based marketing applications that is used by everyone from huge organizations like Fortune 500 right down to small businesses. It's a user friendly collaborative repository where colleagues, employees, partners and customers can easily locate and retrieve digital media wherever there is an Internet connection.
Digital asset management is a broad term that covers a full spectrum of technology solutions from personal software for managing music files such as MP3s to enterprise server solutions for managing heterogeneous files types within a company.  Photos, videos, documents and all your digital media is  accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world for marketing, communications and creative teams with no hardware to buy or software to install.  Whether you are searching  by customizable metadata fields or within documents WebDAM is designed to perform across millions of files and terabytes of data. Download files in batches when you need them and automatically resize images saving time in creating multiple versions of the same file. WebDAM lets you share and collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders with a simple click of a mouse with no more FTP or emailing large files. Security is a top priority with role-based permissions, redundant storage, 24/7 security and SSL encryption meaning that you can safely store even your most sensitive documents.
WebDAM is a beautifully efficient way of storing all your digital media in the cloud and allowing all related partners to have access to it wherever they are and whenever they went. It encourages you to invite customers, media and partners to collaborate and access all the DAM you want them to see while reinforcing the brand you are trying to promote. WebDAM offers a highly professional and beautifully organized system of storing, retrieving and sharing digital media as well as providing an array of useful business tools to facilitate the smooth distribution of digital assets.

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