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WebSecurityMonitor will keep en eye on your website. You'll be notified of all kinds of issues ... More

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Published 6 Dec 2011

Here is a security app that acts is if it's a security guard on site overseeing and protecting all the comings and goings on your website and reporting to you any anomalies. It will notify you of any major issues that might crop up including malware and spam, outdated or expiring programs and certificates, downtime and defacements plus a whole lot more. WebSecurityMonitor will help you get to sleep at night while it patrols your site.

WebSecurityMonitor will keep en eye on your website and notifies you about all kinds of issues including blacklisting, malware, spam, outdated software, website defacement, expiring SSL certificates, incoming domain expiration, unresponsive & changed DNS records, unauthorized content changes, downtime and any amount of other things. It scans your website for malware, spam and other unwanted stuff. Malicious and hidden iframes? PDF files contain viruses? Links to malicious web sites? WebSecurityMonitor hunts them all out. One of it's many tools tracks your website on major blacklists. To protect your reputation and your web presence they regularly check common blacklists and report if your website has been listed. Another tool will monitor your website frequently around the clock for downtime and promptly lets you know if it is not accessible. To protect your site against possible hacking WebSecurityMonitor identifies applications such as WordPress, Apache and Tomcat on your website and notifies you if they are outdated or new security patches are available. Last but not least it monitors your website for defacement and hacking. If there is an issue they will report it and you will be able to take action quickly.

I don't know about a security guard looking after your website. WebSecurityMonitor is more like having a pack of German Shepherds standing guard with their eyes wide open. All alerts are sent to you via email so you can promptly react to them. One of the great things about this service is that if there isn't a problem then you won't hear from them. If there is then you'll be notified straight away so you can rectify it. A simple answer to a tricky problem. But that's what web security is all about, isn't it?

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