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Published 8 Aug 2012

[cont'd] widget  and just about anything else. WebStarts was developed out of frustration with the high cost and long wait times of hiring professional designers to maintain websites. What they have created is an app where everyday people can create unique pages without knowing any code and without the harsh limitations of other website builders. WebStarts includes more social features than any of its competitors and it's easy to make your site go viral with full Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest integration. WebStarts provides live support via telephone and email with each one of its reps being web experts and based in the USA. What's more, if you decide to move to another host later on you can still take your domain name with you.
This is going to be a dream come true for many of you out there who have been thinking about putting together a website. It provides all the tools - from domain name, hosting and design - to put a web site together quicker than the running of the Kentucky Derby with full support to back it up. You don't have to be a design expert or have a degree in coding because it's so simple to use. And, did I mention that it was free? How do they do it, you may well ask. Well the idea is that their Pro and Pro+ pricing plans at US$4.89 and $7.16 per month are such good value that you...