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Published 8 Oct 2011

One of the more complex pieces of information when analyzing yours or your competitor's website is understanding the keywords by which it is located through Google search. Webstatedomain is a free online domain seo stats tool that collects and analyzes domains and the keywords for which those domains were optimized.
Webstatsdomain collects detailed information about keywords by which sites are located in search results. However, it's not just your information you are seeking. It also notes the  keywords and plenty of other statistics from your potential rivals and similar sites so you can see where you are going right or wrong and enables you to react. The last thing you need is for your competitor to have a leg up over you in Google search. When a potential customer goes looking for a service you provide you do not want your domain site to be eclipsed by another with more appropriate keywords. Webstatsdomain provides lots of information about specific sites including what is written about it on Twitter, how safe is the site to visit as well as information about the site owners. Webstatsdomain has information about over 18 million domains and 4 and a half million search keywords in their database.

It's probably something you don't think about very much but analysis of your keywords is fundamental in domain searching. It's really the thing that starts everything off. If your site doesn't feature when a potential customer types in a search for something your domain features then you've got a problem that needs to be fixed. If you can see the keywords that makes your competitor more successful than you it would be wise to do something about it so at least you can be on the same page as them. The interface is basic and simple to use and it would be a mistake to ignore this free tool if you want to improve your Google search prospects.

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