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Pretending to sue is a lot cheaper - if less fun

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Webunal is an online court where you can settle disputes between friends, family or even some ... More

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Published 5 Dec 2011

If anyone comes up with the idea of awarding Oscars for web app demonstration videos then the two guys in this one have no need whatsoever to start polishing an acceptance speech! The performances are funny though even if a little wooden and the point is clearly put over although I’m not really convinced that I see the point.

There are a lot of apps out there aimed at settling disputes between friends. In some cases these are even put out to a wider audience and attract all sorts of opinions and suggestions from complete strangers. This one attempts to put a kind of faux legal slant on the issue where if you have a dispute you can "virtually" sue your chum with friends on both sides acting as the jury.

It’s quite a simple concept, if one of your friends has upset you, maybe borrowed your car and scraped it, then you can take them to the pretend cleaners. State your case and then pick the jury from the list of friends on your social networks. At the same time you can click a box stating what you demand in recompense.

Your chum has 24 hours to file a defense and also select some jury members. What happens after that I’m not sure but then I don’t really care!


This surely has to be for kids and as such could probably create a bit of fun. Most adults in my world would have a "quiet word" if they needed to get something off their chest. On top of that if the dispute was of a serious nature then why bother with the pretence; just drag their sorry butt into a real Court!

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