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Published 27 Sep 2011

With Facebook now topping the 750 million users mark it's not difficult to appreciate the marketing potential. So how do you make the most of  your Facebook social marketing campaigns using cost-effective measures? WeBuzz is a very affordable Facebook marketing design tool that allows you to create campaigns and customize Fan Pages in just a few clicks.
WeBuzz currently has over a million users and targets that worldwide fan base by offering a series of multi language Facebook applications for the creation of engaging interactive marketing campaigns. Better still, page owners don't have to be IT whizz kids to edit the programs so it's easy to create a professional fan page. WeBuzz has a lot of great ideas on how to promote your page by setting targets and encouraging fans to share a feed message as a way of page promotion. How about adding  YouTube videos to your Facebook page to increase views or by encouraging fans to send virtual gifts to friends which helps promote your page and products to other audiences. Maybe you'd like to reward your fans with an exclusive coupon or invitation to a special event to attract them to visit your page again. You can use it as a fan gate to drive Facebook Likes as well.

I am constantly amazed that so few people use the free advertising that Facebook offers via their fan page. You don't get much for free these days but fan pages are a major opportunity to advertise your business or project. So it makes total sense to take it one step further and make your Facebook fan page REALLY stand out by adding lots of extras to encourage viewers to visit and stay. WeBuzz provides a whole bunch of excellent add-ons for your Facebook fan page. It would be silly to ignore this one.

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