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WedPlanner Pro gives you the tools to stay organized in your wedding planning business. The ease ... More

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Published 5 Feb 2013

We have reviewed quite a few wedding planning applications in the past but most of them have been geared towards the amateur enthusiast or even the bride and groom themselves. This one, however, is a much more complete planner for the professional or entrepreneurial businessperson. WedPlanner Pro is an all encompassing application that gives you the tools to plan everything from contracts to budgets and wedding checklists to reception checklists to ensure that both clients and vendors are catered for. This simple yet powerful app gives you all the organizational capabilities for you to provide a wedding that your bride and groom will never forget - for the right reasons.
WedPlanner Pro is anew app that gives you the tools to stay organized in your wedding planning business. The ease and simplicity of this set of wedding planner tools allows you to plan budgets as well as creating time lines and checklists for your clients and vendors to ensure that everyone knows what they are doing all the time. WedPlanner is a web-based wedding planner with no need for downloads and no need to install any software on your computer. It is accessible from anywhere and on any device where there is an internet connection. The first thing you must establish, after you have made contact with your potential client, is to draw up and get signed a wedding contract and take a deposit. WedPlanner Pro provides a contract template just in case there is a 'worst-case scenario' and the...