Developer description

Weekdone is a status reporting, communication and planning tool for teams and individuals. Here is how it works for teams:
1. Get a weekly reminder to fill in their report.
2. Fill in your progress, plans, and problems in minutes.
3. Get automatic e-mail reports sent for your team and company.

The PPP (plans, progress, problems) methodology we use a best practice process used internally by the likes of Skype and Seedcamp.
1. Progress describes last week's achievements and finished items.
2. Plans list goals and objectives for this week.
3. Problems are challenges, stuck and delayed plans.

Ideally you have a maximum of 5 of each type each week, not more. You focus only on what's important.

As an individual, it's a good way to plan you week on your own. You really think what needs to be done, then reflect on the ending week and get better next week. So you don't even have to use Weekdone with a team.

Employee benefits:
- Know what co-workers are up to.
- Proudly share your accomplishments.
- Receive valuable feedback from manager and team mates.

Manager benefits:
- Save up to 5-10 hours per month.
- No more chasing people to fill in their reports.
- No more back-and-forth e-mailing or inbox overload.

It's all very easy and quick. Unlike most reporting tools, it's something people really love.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015