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weendy, is a mobile and web application, that helps (water)sport fans to spend more time on the ... More

Editor's review

Published 16 Oct 2012

People who don't live near the water won't get this app at all. They will take one look at it and say "why would you want an app that tells you where the wind is blowing" and "why don't they just turn on the weather channel." But surfers and water sports fans will understand. They have spent too many times driving out to surfing or sailing spots on the strength of forecasts only to find the swell they need is further down the coast. Weendy was developed by water sports fanatics and forms a social network  of communities. It's a place where you can interact with local social communities, find out exactly where that swell is and share the knowledge with your friends.
How often have you loaded up your gear and set out for a great day on the water only to find that the weather forecast was wrong? You end up chasing the wind and driving around to different beaches only to find out later that your mates found an awesome place to ride. Weendy is both an Android and iPhone application that helps enthusiasts to spend more time on the water and less on the road by simplifying the process of finding the best conditions. This very specialized weather app connects their communities and makes it easy to interact, share the action, the fun and the local conditions as it happens from every spot. And thats it really. No whistles and bells. No confusing extra features that you probably won't end up using anyway. Just specific localized wind and weather conditions. The developers' vision was to build a simple tool that would do a simple thing - to help people stop chasing the wind. Weendy lets you see, post and share real-time wind reports from people like you—fellow windsurfers, kitesurfers, sailors and surfers or anyone else who depends on wind and sea conditions for a good time.
Strangely enough, Weendy is the only Android and iPhone real time wind and wave app on the market that allows you to interact and share information and updates. If you are part of a water based community you will know that forecasting weather is really all about predictions and it's much better if you can get your specific weather information from the horses mouth, so to speak. And, being surfers and water sport types, the wind isn't the only information you are going to get because your local spies will tell you how gusty the wind is and how choppy the waves are on the water. They can even post photos of local conditions, too. And, of course, whether the beach is overrun by hoardes of gromits - thats young surfers to you. So, from a simple idea comes the ideal water sports app that every surfer will want on their smartphone.

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