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Get socially romantic with chocolates, flowers and Weesh

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Discover and share new and exciting date night ideas with your partner! Automatically generate ... More

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Published 13 Aug 2012

After having a quick look at Weesh I realize that the art of romance is certainly not dead. If there is one thing that is certain, however, is that this couple-friendly social app is probably not going to hold a huge amount of interest for the single person - unless, of course, they have an imaginary friend stashed away somewhere. Weesh is an app to create a relationship timeline, share date night ideas, chat and share thoughts and photos with your partner. The only this missing for this free app is the flower shop and the box of chocolates.
Weesh is a place where you can record, discover and share new and exciting date night ideas with your partner! After connecting the app with your partner in just one click, this social and very romance-oriented app automatically generates your relationship timeline with the aid of your Facebook photos where you are both tagged. Weesh is an app designed to help couples find and share things to do together. You can share moments you've had with the person you love or post things you'd like to do together in the future. From there on in it's all up to you and you can share photos, chat or make plans for the future. If you have a date night coming up with your partner just open Weesh and see what Weeshes you have written down in the past or get some recommendations from friends and others based on your...