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Get socially romantic with chocolates, flowers and Weesh

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Published 13 Aug 2012

[cont'd] location. Capture your favorite partner moments and add thm to Weesh to create the amazing story of your shared relationship. Weesh is not only the place for all of those things you said you'd do together one day - but forgot to do but it's also your intimate shared photo album. Weesh breaks the routine and puts a spark back in romance by helping you decide what to do tonight.
What a warm and fuzzily social app for couples this is. While you could quite easily post your romantic diatribes on Facebook, and believe me many do, Weesh is an app for those not quite so keen on advertising their love on quite such a open stage. It's a intimate place for you and your lover to store great memories and document their relationship. When in a tight spot you can take a look in Weesh to see which events stirred your partner most in the past as well as getting hints from them as to just what is going to please them most. If you are interested in a free warm, gushy, fun and romantic app to share with your partner - then Weesh will sit nicely alongside the box of chockies and bunch of flowers.