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WeGoLook.com leverages crowd commerce to offer consumers an online pre-purchase verification ... More

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Published 6 Sep 2011

It used to be the case that when you were going to purchase an item it was generally local. You could touch it, feel it and even bring an expert friend to give you advice. It's a bit more difficult than that these days, isn't it. So many of our purchases are done from a distance and we rely on the integrity and honesty of the seller to make sure we aren't being sold a lemon. Well, WeGoLook is your expert friend. WeGoLook dispatches over 7,000 Nationwide Looker® Inspectors to complete an ONSITE verification report of the item you wish to purchase or verify. 

WeGoLook.com leverages crowd commerce to offer customers an online pre-purchase verification service. They have over 7000 nationwide, background check verified agents, who can be dispatched at short notice to any actual location in the US. Agents check thoroughly items listed on eBay, Craigslist classifieds, Airbnb rentals and even, wait for it, eHarmony online dates.

WeGoLook send real people anywhere in the U.S to check out anything and report back to you ASAP. Agents send back current photos, videos and custom reports to help customers make well informed decisions. Besides avoiding costly mistakes, customers are less likely to become victims of scams, fraud and misrepresentation. Most background checks will cost no more than US$50 and agents are on the case pretty well immediately.


If you're going to shell out hard-earned cash for an item that you can...