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With the cost of healthcare in the US forecasted to double according to Louis Radnofsky of the Wall Street Journal, one’s health has become more important than ever before. Weilos is a fitness startup that inspires people to lose weight through viewing the real life transformations of others.

Says founder Ray Wu, “When I studied medicine, it was clear that the patients who were most effective in combating obesity, which is a leading cause of preventable death, also had the strongest social circles. The problem is that most people do not get enough from their personal network to reach their weight loss goals. Weilos’ mission is to build the most supportive community that anyone in the world can access to get the encouragement and motivation they need to suceed.”

“I looked at the convergance of social, mobile and medical research, and realized that combining them in a proven format can solve arguably the greatest challenge of our generation.”

Weilos is an app designed to help people reach their goals, largely because users find it highly engaging. Today, progress photos are the most popular weight loss and fitness posts on the web because they demonstrate in a concrete way what is possible for viewers. In preliminary research tracking 180 people, people that took self-progress pictures lost an average of 1.2 lbs per week, compared to .1 lbs lost per week for Belviq, an FDA approved weight loss drug, and .27 lbs lost per week for weight watchers. 

Weilos is the first app that provides an enhanced mobile experience for creating and viewing progress photos. Beyond technical features, Weilos provides people with a safe place to post all of their personal fitness related updates for the support they need to finally reach their goals.

With Weilos’ mobile application, users can take perfectly lined up progress photos to visualize the smallest improvements in their weight loss journey. They can then post these photos, along with day-to-day weight loss photos and activities, to an open newsfeed, where they receive support from like-minded individuals as part of a supportive community. Thus, the app gives users the tools and social support they need to succeed in their weight loss journey.

Last updated 30 Mar 2014

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