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Weiss Research Inc; the company which has been a front-runner in providing the most superior financial technology has come up with an innovative App named 'WeissMOBILE App'. This App, belonging to Weiss’ Educational Division, empowers the investors to understand and even control their financial destinies through mobile media.
'WeissMOBILE App' offers the investors with the tools and features that enable them to know about the stock market scenario and make investment on the go! Wouldn't it be great when you know that the advisory team of experts are travelling with you and are available any time you need them? It also offers the new and seasoned investors with state-of-the-art technology which can be used by them to achieve their goals when they think of investing. What to expect out of the app? Whenever the investors need a detailed and insightful information that enhances their financial literacy, this is the app to go for.
Through the use of patented Geo Technology, 'WeissMOBILE' seamlessly connects users to other financial platforms, making it possible for them to take immediate action to capitalize on any market opportunity or commodity that is presented through the app. Through our app, you can get in touch with some of the most brilliant minds and the most experienced analysts of the industry and ask them about the quote you can bid on. What Can You Do with It? 'WeissMobile' renders any trading broker with plethora of features so that he can make the most out of it.
Take a look at some of the tasks you can accomplish using this application:
1. Download bite size information that assists you to make well-timed, and well-informed investing decision on the commodity that you should trade or invest in or to know whether the FOREX market is poised for you to trade the currency or not.
2. Receive investment strategies on the go, along with the knowledge necessary to make trading decisions for your money.
3. Get automated investment news from our experts as well as educators and know about the news sources from the markets around the world.
4.Get financial education, know about FACTA and investing training directly through in-app purchase options.
5. Find and connect with brokerage firms in your area where you can make any trade on gold, stocks, bonds, as well as currency markets through patented Geo Technology.
6. Reach a friendly customer service representative who can provide you with all the support you need to get the most out of the app on the go!
All this and more, you can also get your FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Report) from the bank you have invested in through this app. Could you possibly ask for more?
About Weiss Center for Investor Advancement
Weiss Center for Investor Advancement, is an investment education industry leader, and is a pioneer in the area of providing the marketplace with cutting-edge technology. Weiss Center for Investor Advancement distinguishes itself from all others in the investment education domains by combining the latest technology with the brightest educators in the industry, providing users with a continuously updated stream of new and relevant content on global financial topics and trends from our pool of world-wide experts, all delivered through a mobile device! If you want to be a leader at trading, download the app now!

Last updated 15 Apr 2015

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