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Turn your iPad into your new business receptionist

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Published 6 Oct 2013

[cont'd] It means that person can happily get on with other more important stuff and, rather than sitting and waiting for a visitor to arrive, can get on with revenue generating work. It doesn't detract from the overall professional image of your business because someone can be with the visitor in a matter of seconds. If you are a bigger company you still get notified immediately when a guest has arrived but you don't have to worry about your guest getting lost in the building looking for you because you can meet them at the entrance immediately. With Welco's sleek and user-friendly admin access you can manage all your companies and all their different  departments as well as having full control of the  list of your work colleagues that will appear on the screen.
Welco is one of those very useful and very simple office apps that work really well. And, as much as I am loathe to advocate a machine taking the place of a human being in the business world, it's a fact that Welco will be of huge benefit to the small business community most. This ultra simple but particularly effective app lets your visitors log onto the person who they are there to meet simply by tapping on their face or name. The recipient then immediately gets a message to say that their visitor has arrived and is waiting for them and can come and greet them with a smile...