Developer description

Designed for change makers and do-gooders, Welfact is an online platform that allows you to give to high-performing charities and track your lifetime impact.

Other than our seamless design and easy-to-use interface, vetted charities, flexible giving options, and an impact dashboard set us apart from the crowd.

Vetted Charities:

No longer worry about a charity’s legitimacy or past fraudulent behaviour. With Welfact, we’re combating skepticism through a rigorous vetting process. To be featured on our platform, a charitable organization must pass our series of requirements. (Learn more about what we look for:

Flexible Giving Options:

Make your money go further! Focus on the causes you want to help and reach more charities working within them – with just one donation. The first of its kind, donate to more than one charity at a time. Single and recurring giving options available.

Impact Dashboard:

We all want to make measurable change but don’t necessarily know how to track it. With Welfact, that’s a thing of the past. Monitor your impact with an easy-to-use dashboard and begin building a giving portfolio you can be proud of.

Our mission:

Using our three guiding principles of simplicity, transparency, and humanity, our mission is to be a positive force for good by empowering you to make measurable change.

Last updated 5 Mar 2020

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