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There is no simpler app for planning a healthy diet than Welle. Welle is a free app that was built in conjunction with actual, registered dietitians to create a meal planning experience that is simple, quick, and just plain reliable. Want to eat healthier but don’t want to hire your own dietitian? Welle is a great start.

With Welle, users simply select their meal-plan’s start day, how many days they need to plan for, and then select from a number of dietitian approved meals for snacks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner to save a new meal plan. The shopping lists are created on the fly and you don’t have to think about counting calories, manually imputing meals all day, and other annoying parts of your standard diet app.

The meals are delicious, easy to make, designed to feed ONE person (not a family of four forcing you to re-figure proportions), and use normal every day ingredients. With Welle, users are rethinking their approach to dieting and achieving better health.

Curious about how the meals were created? Welle’s meals — which users have access to for planning their weekly meal plans — were built with a few important things in mind:

First, the dietitians who helped on Welle were asked to craft meal plans that on a daily basis added up to about 1500 calories. This means that if you eat Welle’s meals for every meal daily, you’d be sitting around there on average.

Welle also asked the dietitian to focus on 5 small meals daily. 2 snacks plus the normal meals. Some users need all of these, others don’t but this is always a user option.

Finally, the dietitians were asked to keep shopping lists for the week (if a user got meals for all 7 days of the week) to not typically go over $90 for groceries. Welle aims to make dieting healthily easier for people, not more expensive.

Welle also provides recommendations of great, inspiring people to follow and daily articles that help users better understand their health. This is a fantastic, daily-use, free app.

Last updated 15 Mar 2016

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