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Published 22 Apr 2016

Everyone's aim seems to be to get healthier and fitter these days, isn't it? It used to be the domain of the New Years resolution but all you have to do is to look at the Main Street retail market and all the new store openings seem to be health or fitness related. Wellness Nova is a new health and lifestyle app that aims to deliver everything connected with having a more healthy life. This app gives you all the news and views on natural therapies, natural remedies and healthy eating and drinking as well as plenty of other tips to keep you fit and well for the 21st Century.

Wellness Nova is the latest go-to resource app for healthy living and brings all the up to date news in the wellness industry whilst showing us  how to make our lives as low impact on the environment - not to mention the planet's slender resources - as possible. This highly informative app is filled to the brim with useful information and practical tips on everything from tasty, healthy treats to the best way to treat seasonal allergies.

This great looking app has a team of experts on hand to deliver fascinating, informative and beautifully illustrated articles to make healthy living clearer and simpler. Whether you simply want to learn more about how to create your own vegetable garden or feel the need to find out more about Monsanto and the latest gossip on genetic modification of foodstuffs, you'll find it here.

Within the app's virtual walls you'll find well-written articles on personal nutrition, healthy and sustainable diets, tasty and flavorful food and drinks, different styles of massage, the supplements that are best to take and how to protect our fragile environment. You'll also find plenty of information on how to deal with life threatening illnesses like cancer and ways of combating it by tweaking one's  lifestyle. One of the articles I read was about how some organic breakfast foods could be contaminated with a cancer causing chemical so, as you can appreciate, it deals with important issues.

The app itself is easy to use, very clean looking and clear on navigation. Articles are laid out nicely and are illustrated with the relevant photos. Just click on one of the header subjects like nutrition, diet or supplements and you'll see all the articles relating to that subject appear. It's not lightweight reading either, there are some pretty forthright and powerful statements being delivered here.

Wellness Nova believes that good health doesn’t have to be complicated. Nor does it feel that healthy food has to be flavorless or boring - a common misconception. The developers’ aim is to make life easy for both you and the planet that you live in. If you'd like to write an article for Wellness Nova or have a health tip that you'd like to share, they would love to hear from you. The developers are constantly looking at ways of improving the site and offering information for the betterment of the planet and it's people.

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