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Forget boring at-home workouts. Wello, the world’s first website offering live personal training over two-way video, is now open to the public. Whether it’s an afternoon yoga break in the office or a core conditioning session in the living room, Wello provides an affordable and easy way to workout with a live fitness professional of your choice.

With Wello, workouts can happen wherever and whenever. All you need is a laptop, webcam and internet connection. Using two-way interactive video, Wello trainers personalize each workout session so that it aligns with their clients’ specific interests and needs. The Wello training team consists of the highest quality fitness professionals from around the country. By connecting with a live trainer, users are more motivated and accountable to their own personal fitness goals.

Wello workouts are custom and personal. Wello matches clients with the right fitness professional for them based on a client’s workout preferences:
Workout Activity: circuit training, kettlebells, kickboxing, zumba, etc.
Trainer Personality Type: drill sergeant, encourager, fun and friendly, etc.
Schedule: set date and time or workout on demand with an available trainer.
Session Length: 25, 40, and 55 minute sessions.

After a session is booked, the client receives a link for the workout to automatically connect with their trainer. No downloads, no software, no special equipment needed. ( how-it-works/)

Wello is not only efficient, but also cost-effective. Wello is a fraction of the cost of traditional personal training even before factoring in gym and trainer fees, travel time, gas, and parking. Plus, you pay per session or per package of sessions on Wello – session rates start at $5 and the average hour session is $40.

Find the right Wello trainer today so you can get your sweat on!

Last updated 14 Sep 2012

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