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WePay helps groups collect and manage money.

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Published 16 Dec 2011

There are quite a lot of sites out there that help you collect money for specific purposes such as a charitable cause or an event and a lot of them are very good. What I like about this one is that you can set up an account and start collecting cash for just about any purpose you want. The uses are endless and I for one will be suggesting it to a chum of mine who organizes an annual ski and snowboard trip for fifteen guys, most of whom become very forgetful when it comes to divvy-up time!

Money collection is at the core of this app and if you’re like my chum you can set up an account and let the system email group members and remind them of their obligation. It also gives them the opportunity to pay online so the excuses about leaving the check book at home become an irrelevance.

If you run a business and have a credit control requirement then similarly you can load up the details of customers that owe you money and the system will send them a bill and constant reminders until they settle.

Good causes and organized events are well catered for. You can set up a donation or event page with a custom URL that can be promoted through Facebook, Twitter and email.  Alternatively you can create a button or widget to accept donations or sell tickets on your own website. Both of these functions have all that you would expect from a site that concentrated solely on either of the activities.

Money collected goes into a WePay account and can easily be transferred into your bank account in a number of ways to suit you. The charges won’t break the bank either at 50c for a bill paid via a bank account and 3.5% for credit card payments, ticket sales and donations.


This is pretty much a one-stop shop for all situations requiring a cash collecting service. What’s more, depending on your need the collaborative nature of the site allows access to other group members too. 


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