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Welcome to the coolest way to connect with your contacts - LIVE STREAM and VIDEO CHAT! Enjoy live streaming action from any Android or Apple iPhone. Invite contacts or make groups from your phone’s address book to allow access your live stream or go public. Chat, Like and Share Location as you stream live. No limits on how many people you invite or how many people view your broadcast.

Option to save LIVE STREAM recording directly to the cloud; FREE storage up to 5GB. Never worry about space on your phone or searching for your videos, they are all saved in the cloud.

Broadcast your latest adventure to public or share the beautiful sunset in private or start a video diary! Get creative, Have Fun, Go WeVoo!

WeVoo Features:

Always Connected: With WeVoo you are always logged in, never miss a live video or an invitation to private video chat.

Group Video Chatting: Create personalized groups from your address book contacts to share live stream of moments with different groups of people.

Private Video Chatting: Invite contacts from your phone’s address book or select groups to view the live stream and video chat.

Follow: Tap on any contact to follow and to be notified when contacts in your phone address book are live streaming using WeVoo app. Also, easily look up your followers.

Notifications: WeVoo notifies your followers when you start a public live stream. WeVoo also instantly notifies your invited contacts to join & video chat with you in real time when you start a private live stream.

Report inappropriate content: Swipe on a live stream to report inappropriate broadcasts to WeVoo.

Invite: Get invited or invite your contacts in your address book for a private live video chat. You can turn notifications on/off based on your preference to be notified about broadcasts.

Change Phone number: “Access” “play” and “share” your recorded live streaming collection from your new phone number in case you switch phone number.

Search your LIVE and Recorded video collection: WeVoo makes it easy for you to search for LIVE or saved broadcasts by their #tag descriptions and locations.

Live Stream Statistics – Easy to track number of live streams till date, total cloud storage used, storage used per live stream, live stream duration, likes and views.

How it works:

1: Download the app for free from Google Play or Apple App Store
2: Easily register app with secure SMS verification; no user id, no password needed
3: Start the live stream and invite phone contacts or make handy groups to interact quickly
4: Save your videos directly on cloud.
5: WeVoo uses your phone’s internet data or wi-fi connection to live stream, record & view video and chat globally.
WeVoo Extras

• WeVoo lets you choose the quality of your video streams in accordance with your mobile or wi-fi data plan usage.
• Option to buy additional storage to record live streams on cloud.

Last updated 4 Dec 2015

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