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Published 12 Mar 2018

I read with sadness this week that, after 66 years as one of the UK's most iconic music papers, the New Musical Express was to cease its weekly print publication. Over the years it has provided music fans all over the world with up to date information about everything that was happening music wide. Personally, it taught me so much about music and turned me on to countless new bands. It's no coincidence then that this week sees the emergence of a new music app that could well end up taking the place of many of the traditional music hubs.

WEYV is a new ad-free app for iOS, Android and web player for US based subscribers that takes music appreciation to a new level. As good as music magazines like NME are, it's going to be very difficult for them to compete when app's like this come along. Not only does WEYV deliver a magazine where you can read everything music related - its also a platform for streaming audio and visual content and delivers music, tv shows, radio, movies, ebooks, videos and - pretty soon - podcasts too. It carries music from all the major record labels (including Sony, Warners and Universal) and magazines (including Time Inc, People,  Sports Illustrated, EW, InStyle and Fortune magazine- for adults - and Cricket Media - for the kids) and continually adds more content. WEYV is COPPA-compliant so parents can rest easy knowing that their kids can use the app safely and not...