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Published 12 Mar 2018

[cont'd] be exposed to any explicit content.

So, what exactly does this app let you do? Well, for a start, you can build your own private playlists or collaborate and create them along with your family and friends. Discovering new music is more important than ever these days so WEYV helps you find all the new tunes you need via the powerful song recommendation engine. When you find a tune you love you can simply add it to your playlist. You can even become your own DJ by building custom stations and include (or exclude) any number of artists, songs or music genres. These stations can be refined to your own unique specifications by setting up the percentage of songs played by an artist. Playlists and stations can then be downloaded easily so you can still listen when you are offline. Naturally, you can also share everything, whether it be stations, playlists, albums or individual songs with other WEYV users.

WEYV brings all of your digital entertainment to one place and allows you to easily listen, read and share content - all from the one app. There are a number of subscription plans - starting at US$15 per month - that are designed to ensure that you only pay for the WEYV Units that suit your lifestyle and your budget. What's more, all of them can be accessed on any number of devices. Right now, there's a 14 day free trial so you can try it out and see...