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Published 5 Oct 2011

Now here’s a site I’m not quite sure about. You have a mad desire for a product that you just can’t buy anywhere so you pose the question and one of the "hundreds" of custom makers registered with whatcanimakeforyou.com might just be able to knock it up for you!

Too good to be true?

Well that’s the concept behind it and it works like this. You provide as detailed a description of the item as possible with accurate measurements, colors and materials and send it up the line to the site. Any questions for further clarification will be emailed back to you. Once everything is clear the database is searched for a suitable maker and the proposition is put forward. If the maker is up for the job then you’ll get an email back with a quote that includes taxes and shipping. It’s then up to you to accept or decline.

The other thing you’ll need to be clear on at the initial stage is declaring a budget you’re willing to go to. The maker could look at the list of materials and time required to make the item and decide you’re living in cloud cuckoo land.

Flying a kite?

If you decide to go ahead the item is made and shipped to you but not before and a PayPal invoice hits your inbox. This aspect, along with the fact that there is a no refund policy in force is the killer for me.

Invisible handyman

What would help of course would be a directory of these "hundreds" of custom makers including clear photographs of their work and recommendations from satisfied clients but maybe that’s work in progress, we’ll wait and see.

The other thing that puzzles me is that if you needed something bespoke made then any local craftsman would surely be capable of the job and you could see first-hand the standard of his work and keep an eye on the progress of your ˈmust haveˈ item.

Personally I’d check the local advertising pages before trying this one out. With no physical contact details (except for a contact box with no email address) I think you’d be taking a bit of a flyer parting with your cash up front for something you haven’t even seen.

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