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See some novel, funny and interesting ways to spend your dollars. Its a “What can you buy ... More

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Published 12 Sep 2011

Well...what a strange little app What you can Buy is. It's strangely hypnotic though in a funny sort of way and a very colorful and amusing advice tool that is basically a portal to investigate what you could buy for a given amount of money. All you have to do is to type the amount you wish to spend into the bright and inviting box and all sorts of suggestions will come up...some inspired, some benefactorial and some just plain weird.

There really isn't too much to explain about What you can Buy. Think of an amount you are prepared to part with and away you go. But it's the responses that surprise and often amuse. I plugged in a figure of US$27 and was presented with suggestions like this: Buy 27 dozen eggs in Bangladesh; Buy 9 George H. Bush and His Family Dolls from Amazon. I dont know why; Get 2,700 clicks for your product by advertising on facebook for $0.01 per click; 2. Help keep a child in school for 27 days in Thailand. Donate here. So...you see what I mean now ?

I haven't seen an app like What you can Buy before. It's lots of fun and so easy to use it's ridiculous. The suggestions just seemed to go on and on and they are all pretty amusing or informative. The charitable links even have a link to the relevant charitable organization which is very admirable. Hey if you've got time to spare go for it. It's totally free of course.

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