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A Whatfolio allows you to create a personal profile or portfolio page, for brands, businesses, ... More

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Published 23 Oct 2011

If you are in the entertainment industry you can't just rely on an agent to get you the work you need to survive and succeed. Self promotion is the name of the game and the first thing you need to promote yourself is a quality portfolio home page. Whatfolio is a portfolio tool that helps you create a personal portfolio page collated from all your existing profile information from your favorite social networks. But wait...there's more. When you create your portfolio page it will also be available to view as a mobile app and even one for your favorite tablet.
Whatfolio allows you to create a personal profile or portfolio page in minutes. It's designed specifically for brands, businesses, bands, models, photographers, actors, presenters, personal trainers and others in the self promotion industries. Its simple to use by just creating a Whatfolio account and then adding  your favorite feeds from your social networks Then you can add a bio and any other vital information you  want people to see and you have one single place to share your content from around the web. Your portfolio  integrates existing information about you from your  social feeds such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, Tumblr, Wordpress, Soundcloud and Bandsintown. With millions of people using Facebook everyday  adding Facebook pages to your account will keep people up to date and allow users to add their comments as well as adding your up to date  ...