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What’s Next Up is an entertainment event aggregator and personalization service that we ... More

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Published 5 Dec 2011

What's Next Up is an entertainment aggregator and personalization service that retrieves many different kinds of events from all across the world and gives you a list of events you're likely to enjoy. The goal is to build a web app that makes it easier for people to find entertainment they like so that they can just enjoy themselves without spending precious time sifting through dozens of irrelevant events on tens of websites.

WhatsNextUp's goal is to build a product that touches as many people as possible and changes their lives, even if it is in a tiny way. If you are just browsing the internet it would probably mean going to something like ten different websites before you found something new and fun to watch, hear, read or play. Or browse through dozens of events you really don't care about. Any time you start watching a new TV show, following another football team or read a new author just click on the ‘like’ button on your Facebook page. Then, click on the ‘refresh data from facebook’ button on the ‘my events’ screen and WhatsNextUp will automagically fetch your latest entertainment interests, and personalize your events accordingly. The more movies, musicians, books and music you like the more your events page will fill up. Just complete your free sign up and click on the my events page. You'll find a heap of music, movies, television, books, games and more. After that it's all fun...