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Do you hate traffic jams? With this easy-to-use app "WhatsTraffic"
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Published 3 Apr 2012

Everybody hates traffic jams. Some of us would sell our Grandmothers' to avoid them. Our cities are being clogged by too many cars on roads that have often seen better days. What's Traffic is travel application for Android that will take the heat off your Grandmother. It's an easy-to-use traffic app that let's you see what's happening with the traffic surrounding you enabling you to take better travel decisions and avoid those hot spots that will hold you up.
If you hate traffic snarl ups as much as the rest of us this easy-to-use app will help you instantly understand the surrounding traffic situation and take you home quickly! The only things you need to ensure is that you have a good GPS satellite signal, either a 3G or WiFi Internet connection and magnetic  and acceleration sensors.  Then you can drag the map to watch the traffic flow which automatically moves back to the current location after 10 sec. You can double-click the map to zoom in and it will again automatically move back to the current location after 10 sec. Whenever you click on the touch screen you can quickly return to your current location. What's Traffic supports the four directions of rotation of the screen while you can auto rotate the map to your direction of travel.
Look, the last time I was in San Francisco, the SatNav that came with my rental car had no idea of the traffic...